Camerota Reman Warranty Schedule

All Camerota Reman products are warranted against defects in our workmanship and materials in accordance with the schedules and limitations outlined in this warranty guide. The warranty period begins from the original invoice date. All product warranties are transferable and for unlimited mileage. To submit a warranty claim or to ask questions concerning this limited warranty, please call our Warranty Department at 1-800-247-4313.


All Steering Gears 2 Year
1st Year is Parts and Labor
2nd Year is Parts Only

Drive Shafts & Steer Axles

All Drive Shafts 1 Year
All Steer Axles


All Eaton, Rockwell, International, Dana, Mack and Foreign Carriers 1 Year
All GM, Dodge, Sterling, Spicer, American Axle, Light Duty Rears
Off Highway Axles

Transfer Cases

All Oshkosh, Noster, Rockwell, Fabco Heavy Duty Transfer Cases 1 Year
All Spicer, Clark, New Process, Borg Warner/New Venture and Foreign Transfer Cases

Automatic Transmissions

Jatco and Aisin Automatic Transmissions 1 Year
Sprinter Automatic Transmissions 2 Year
1st Year Parts and Labor
2nd Year Parts Only
Allison - AT500, MT600, HT700 Series Transmissions 1 Year
(For Bus Applications - 2nd Year Parts Only)
Allison - World 3000/4000 Series, B300/400, T1000-T2400 Non-GM Series, T1000 GM Light Duty Series 2 Year
1st Year Parts and Labor
2nd Year Parts Only
ZF – Ecomat 4HP, 5HP, 6HP, Ecolife 1 Year
GM, Ford, Dodge Light Truck (Non-Commercial) 3 Year
GM, Ford, Light Truck (Commercial Vehicles) e.g. Ambulance, Package Delivery, Police, Snow Removal, Taxi, Tow Truck, Landsape, and Severe Applications *Off-Road and Industrial Applications are NOT covered under this Warranty 18 Months
Off-Highway Transmissions – Including Allison Off-Highway Transmissions 1 Year

Manual Transmissions

All Heavy Duty Non-Synchronized Mack, Dana and Rockwell Transmissions 1 Year
All Spicer, Clark, Eaton, New Process, Borg Warner/New Venture and Foreign Transmissions
ZF Astronic/Freedomline
ZF Light Duty Transmissions - S5-42 / S5-47 / S6-650 / S6-750
All Heavy Duty Fuller and Mack "T" Model Synchronized Transmissions 2 Year

Terms and Conditions

  • All Warranty claims must be assigned a claim number and repair or replacement instructions provided by Camerota prior to any repair or replacement work being done.
  • No benefits or remedies are available under this limited warranty while the invoice for the unit or related services remains outstanding.
  • Unless expressly provided otherwise, the exclusive remedy under this warranty shall be the repair or replacement of the defective part at Camerota’s option. The buyer agrees that CTP shall not be liable for special, incidental, direct, indirect, or consequential damages of any kind, including but not limited to lost profits, sales, income, towing charges, unauthorized repairs, or injury to person or property.
  • This warranty will end after the expiration of time from the date of the original invoice. Any repairs or replacements will not extend the warranty. The buyer will be responsible for all defects thereafter, regardless of cause.
  • Any labor expense for field repairs, removal, and replacement must be done at a repair facility approved by Camerota. Labor hours will be paid ONLY after the failed unit has been returned and inspected at the Camerota facility in Enfield, CT, and the cause of failure has been determined to be a warrantable failure according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Labor hours will be paid at a $70.00 rate and determined ONLY in accordance with Motor’s Labor time guides. Any Off-Highway units will have a maximum of 20 labor hours considered.


The exclusions to this Camerota warranty generally reflect the same exclusions as the original manufacturer.

Failures caused by the following will NOT be covered under this warranty:

  • Overfilled, low, lack of, contaminated, or wrong lubricant;
  • Shock Load;
  • Lack of Maintenance; Abuse; Improper Operation;
  • Improper Installation, including, but not limited to, misadjusted or malfunctioning unit control accessories such as transmission control modules, sensors, cables, modulators, air lines, coolers, shifters, clutches, linkage, motor or transmission mounts, worn driveshaft components, pilot bearings, or bushings, kingpins, tie rods, drag links, pitman arms, steering column shafts, restricted or faulty supply, feed hoses, filters, and misapplication such as towing, plowing, sanding, or overloading;
  • Sand, salt, power washing, or over-greasing of a steering gear causing a seal failure;
  • Failures caused by engine performance, drivetrain, or suspension modifications, including oversized tires or gear ratio changes;
  • Any unit failure determined to be from vibration or torsional vibration;
  • Input / Output seal problems after 7 days from the date of sale;
  • Breakage of gears or synchronizer pins;

Lubrication Guide

Our customers are responsible for using the proper lubricants as required by OEM specifications.

We have provided the following guide for assistance.

Manual Transmissions

Application Lubricant
Heavy Duty 50W
All Fuller Roadrangers 50W
All Spicer PS Series 50W
All Rockwell / Meritor 50W
ZF Astronic and Freedomline 75W80 / 75W85 / 75W90 Synthetic
Mack Maxi-Torque 80W90 or 85W140
Mack T-Models SAE50 for Mineral-based / CD50 for Synthetic

Mid-Range / Light Duty

Application Lubricant
All Spicer, Clark, Eaton 50W
All New Process, Borg Warner 80W90
All Foreign, UD, MIT, ISU, HINO, VOLVO 75W90
All New Venture 4500 / 5600 GM #12345349
All ZF & Getrag Dexron III

Light, Medium, & Heavy Duty Differentials

Application Lubricant
All Mack, Rockwell, Eaton, IHC, Dana 80W90 or 85W140
All Foreign, Sterling, Ford GM, American Axle 80W90 or 85W140
Light Duty Posi Axles Refer to OEM Specifications

Automatic Transmissions

Application Lubricant
All Allisons TES295 for Synthetic, TES 389 for Mineral-based
All Jatco, Aisin 4 Speeds, GM (Except 6 Speeds) Dexron III
GM 6 Speeds – 6L90 Dexron VI
Sprinter, Mopar 05127382AB
Aisin 6 Speed AS68-RC Mobil ATF3309
Ford C6, E40D, 4R100, 4R70,4R75 Mercon 5
Ford 5R110W Mercon LV
ZF Ecomoat Dexron III / Transynd
ZF Ecolife ZF Ecofluid Life Plus

Steering Gears and Pumps

Dexron III or 10W30 or OE Recommended Steering Fluid

Transfer Cases

Application Lubricant
Heavy Duty (Oshkosh, Fabco, Noster, MPM, Durst, Rockwell) & Light Duty Refer to OEM Specifications

Off-Highway Applications

Refer to OEM Specifications